Thank you for coming over.  We are trying to gauge if shoppers are interested in an application that will help them track their shops that is easier and quicker to use than a spreadsheet.

We have come up with a few different options that hopefully deliver the functionality to let you keep track of your shops and free up time to spend doing the things you want to do all while addressing concerns with security.


The ‘Original’ Mystery Shopper Tracker

This is the database application we originally put together.  Your data is hosted on an environment that we maintain.  Concerns were raised in a discussion around security and access to your data.  Our Terms and Conditions state that you own the data you enter.  We have a FAQ that specifies how your data is safe.  We ask that you take a look at the FAQ (ideally, the Terms and Conditions also).

This survey helps us know if there is sufficient interest that enough people might sign up that our costs will be covered.

We offer a free ‘Basic’ version.  Running a database application is not cheap so to help cover costs, we also offer Standard (at $3/mo) and Premium (at $5/mo) versions.

Our database vendor offers a ‘scrambling’ feature so even anyone on the back end would not be able to read your data.  This is an expensive feature – we want to find out if people want this feature and if there are enough willing to pay a higher charge that it would cover costs.

A demo user has been created with full privileges to create and update records.


Go to this login page and log in.

You can then access  the Tracker here.  You may be prompted to log in again – use the same credentials.

To learn more about the Tracker, we recommend looking at the ‘How To‘ page.


The ‘Airtable’ Mystery Shopper Tracker

To address concerns raised, we looked at ways to allow shoppers to affordably host their own data.  Our favorite option we found was with a company called AirTable.  We can provide an empty template to you that you would use on  Only you would have access to your copy – you get an account with AirTable and use the template to create your own application.  You can modify your template as much as you like.  For examples of what you can do, we have a page with screenshots set up.  For specifics on how to use Airtable, you will need to refer to their documentation on the AirTable website.

Airtable has some really neat features but they do not support Maps or Charts which come with the original Tracker.

You have to pay AirTable directly.  They let you store up to 1,200 records for free.  After that they charge $12/mo ($10/mo on their annual plan) to store up to 5,000 records.  Then it goes up to $24/mo ($20/mo if you pay annually).  We here at the Mystery Shoppery think you would have to be a pretty dedicated shopper to reach 1,200 records which probably means you can afford the $10/mo fee (and remember, the Premium version of the Original Tracker is $5/mo in its current state).

We have a working demo that we have pre-populated with some data.  It is read-only but otherwise demonstrates a lot of functionality.


After reviewing the FAQ and checking out the different Trackers, please let us know your thoughts.  The survey has three questions.  The first two and a third depending on how you answer the second.


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