Mystery Shopper Meetup

How to Meet Mystery Shoppers Can Be A Mystery

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet up with some fellow mystery shoppers and ‘talk shop’? The nature of this business makes it a little difficult to meet other mystery shoppers because, just like you, the whole point of being a mystery shopper is to lay low and not be identified as a mystery shopper. But it might be hard to talk with your non-mystery shopping friends and family just because they lack that ‘insider’ perspective. I know I’ve had a ball going to conventions and meeting up with other shoppers and literally ‘talking shop’ with people who have experienced what I have!  You get to share war stories and tips and maybe learn a thing or two.


Mystery Shopper Match Up To the Rescue

Leveraging the Postal Buddy database, we have an opportunity to help mystery shoppers who are near each other to connect.  The Postal Buddy database was built to help find shoppers in other postal zones but we can also use this technology to help shoppers find each other who live in the same postal zone.  We can also post online forums such as Facebook or Meetups that local shoppers can join.  All you have to do is update your profile to indicate that you are interested in meeting with or being contacted by other local shoppers.  Then head over to the Mystery Shopper Match Up tool and make yourself some new friends!  But before you do, you’ll need to sign up first.


Thanks for visiting the Mystery Shoppery and happy shopping!