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Mystery Shopper Match Up Database

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Facebook and other social media are awesome ways to help people with common interests connect with each other. If you know of a group, please add it to our database. Or if you are interested in starting one, sign up with Facebook, create a Meetup on, start a Twitter feed or whatever and post the details here.

Got a group?  Add it to our database here (check your pop-up blocker if you don’t see anything) 

In the window that opens up, add the name and other details of the group, the link to the group’s website, and assign some zipcode that is within the area dedicated to this group. This helps other shoppers figure out if the members of this group are near enough to make meeting possible.

When adding a group, indicate the platform in the Group Details. For example “Facebook: Northern California Mystery Shoppers for a Common Cause” or “Twitter: Boston Area Mystery Shoppers” or “ Dallas/Ft. Worth Mystery Shoppers and BBQ”

We’ve noticed that some places are a bit ‘spammy’ with job postings from schedulers which can drown out shoppers who want to interact casually. If you start a group, you may want to consider setting it up so membership approval is required and moderating the content to keep posts down to regular discussions. Be sure to post as a policy that the group is not meant for posting jobs and boot anyone who abuses this policy. We fully support shopping companies wanting to host a party or meetup so schedulers and shoppers can hang out and chat but let’s keep the jobs to the job boards.

Here is a suggested policy:

Thank you for your interest in our group.  This group is dedicated to helping people in the mystery shopping industry meet up and connect.  Shoppers, schedulers, reviewers/editors and anyone else involved in the industry are all invited to join up and participate.  This group is not meant to be a forum for posting jobs – please do not post your jobs here as this tends to drown out other conversations.  Anyone abusing this policy or generally being a jerk will be booted.


[su_spoiler title=”About Missing Zones” style=”fancy”]

If a zone is missing for a combination of zipcodes, it is missing from our database.  Please help us out and add it to our database.

Click on the link provided under ‘Missing Zone’ to automatically start adding the combination to our database.

Separately, go to the USPS website, enter the 3 digit origin prefix code and find the postal zone for the corresponding target prefix code.  After submitting the fix to our postal zone database, refresh this screen and you should see the change reflected.

Note the zip code combinations that are missing postal zones.  Our starting zip code is 99902 and we are missing zones for zip codes 772XX, 782XX and 806XX and a couple others.

* Shopper’s full zip codes are masked to help maintain privacy.

Get the Postal Zone from the USPS website.  In our example, the zip code we are shipping from is 99902 so we plug ‘999’ and hit Submit.  The 772XX destination zip code falls in the ‘772—799’ range.  We also have another missing 782XX zip code that falls under the same range and a missing 806XX zip code that falls in the ‘800—816’ range.  These ranges are postal zones 8 and 7 respectively.  
Click on the ‘Add to Zone Database’ link and update the database with the missing zone.  In this example, we are setting the postal zone for the 772XX zip code to ‘8.’  We repeat these steps, assigning ‘8’ to the 782XX zip code and ‘7’ to the 806XX zip code.


* Shopper’s full zip codes are masked to help maintain privacy.

** If you don’t see any records, you may need to indicate you are interested in being matched up with another shopper.  Go to ‘Account’ – ‘Profile’ – ‘Application Profile’ and check the ‘Meetups’ checkbox.

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