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Welcome to the Mystery Shoppery!

Do you mystery shop?  Do you keep track of your shops using a spreadsheet?  Love your spreadsheet?  Then look away – this place is not for you!

The Mystery Shoppery is the place where we replace the mystery shopper spreadsheet.  No more copying/pasting rows and formats, no more accidentally deleting an important formula, no more spreadsheet maintenance whatsoever!  We handle the technical stuff and you just enter your shops in an environment similar to the look and feel of a spreadsheet but with features to make the process a little bit easier.

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Below are the available membership plans.  All for less than picking up an extra shop each month.  So take a look at what we’ve got and scroll to the bottom and click the ‘Sign Up!’ or Paypal checkout button for the plan you are interested in.

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Best For:  Only do a few shops a month?  Then the Basic version is probably a good fit.  Do a LOT of shops a month?  The Premium version lets you see your shops on a map and on a calendar so you can plan out routes (and yes, you can plan routes too in the premium version)

Number of Shops Tracked:  All versions retain the full history of jobs you have entered.

Number of Active Mystery Shopping Companies at a Time:  It seems like there are hundreds of mystery shopping companies in the world.  When entering shops, you scroll through a list of companies to indicate which one a shop is for – to keep this from being unwieldy, we limit the companies displayed to the ones you indicate you prefer to work with as ‘My Companies.’  In the tracker, you indicate the companies you work with and you rank them from your ‘regular go-to’ company to the ‘occasional check in on’ company.  In the Basic version, your top 3 picks will be displayed while in the Standard version, your top 7 picks will be displayed.  You can rank more than that, just the top ones are shown in the tracker.  If you are on the Basic or Standard version and want to see other companies, you can always re-rank your companies so others are shown but if you are working for so many companies, why don’t you just upgrade to the next higher version?

Project History Available: While we retain the full history of all jobs you entered, what you have available to see may be limited.  For the Basic version, we limit the history to the last 7 months.  The Standard version limits the history to the last 13 months – enough to get you through tax time.  If you ever need to see more history, you can temporarily upgrade your account to the next higher version and a month later downgrade back down.

Routes:  Assign shops to a route to group them together.  On the tracker, jobs that fall on the same day will be grouped together by route.  When you print an assignment sheet, the assignments will appear according to their order in the route.

Calendar:  Standard and Premium users can see shops on a calendar view to help plan out routes or to see what is coming up during the month.

Maps:  Premium users also have access to a map view to help plan routes.

Charts:  Standard users have access to shop reports so they can see total earnings, average earnings per shop and more.  Premium users also have access to company reports so they can see who their top paying companies are, number of shops they do for these companies and more.


Already Use A Spreadsheet?

Want it Uploaded to the Mystery Shoppery Tracker?

If you are already using a spreadsheet, odds are you are tracking many of the same things we already keep track of in our tracker.  This means we just might be able to import your spreadsheet into the Mystery Shoppery job tracker.  Just to let you know, it can be a real pain converting other people’s spreadsheets to fit our database. If you have multiple spreadsheets, we charge more uploading the first one but after that its cheaper since we know the format. We’ll upload it and bill you when we are done. Just send an email to and we will email you with a location where you can copy the spreadsheet(s) to.  We will then re-format it and upload it to our database and let you know when it is ready for viewing.

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And Thanks for visiting the Mystery Shoppery!