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If a zone is missing for a combination of zipcodes, it is missing from our database.  Please help us out and add it to our database.

Click on the link provided under ‘Missing Zone’ to automatically start adding the combination to our database.

Separately, go to the USPS website, enter the 3 digit origin prefix code and find the postal zone for the corresponding target prefix code.  After submitting the fix to our postal zone database, refresh this screen and you should see the change reflected.

Note the zip code combinations that are missing postal zones.  Our starting zip code is 99902 and we are missing zones for zip codes 772XX, 782XX and 806XX and a couple others.

* Shopper’s full zip codes are masked to help maintain privacy.

Get the Postal Zone from the USPS website.  In our example, the zip code we are shipping from is 99902 so we plug ‘999’ and hit Submit.  The 772XX destination zip code falls in the ‘772—799’ range.  We also have another missing 782XX zip code that falls under the same range and a missing 806XX zip code that falls in the ‘800—816’ range.  These ranges are postal zones 8 and 7 respectively.  
Click on the ‘Add to Zone Database’ link and update the database with the missing zone.  In this example, we are setting the postal zone for the 772XX zip code to ‘8.’  We repeat these steps, assigning ‘8’ to the 782XX zip code and ‘7’ to the 806XX zip code.


* Shopper’s full zip codes are masked to help maintain privacy.

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